Biodiversity, Hobbies & Recreation

To appreciate the importance of Biological Diversity or Biodiversity on Earth we need information, understanding and knowledge of the importance of our overall environment around us.

If we keep our eyes open to whatever we see around us and try to know about plants, and animals, be it a large or small one, and understand them by exploring more, like their species, family etc we will definitely appreciate nature more.

There are several activities of leisure, hobbies and profession which involve close contacts with plants and animals. We can perform those activities better if we get involved deeper and acquire additional knowledge.

In leisure time we can study nature by several activities like: Bird watching, Trekking, Touring, Explorations, etc.

While going for a tour during leaves choosing a spot rich in biological diversity will lead to greater satisfaction. Thus eco-tourism is a wonderful opportunity to explore and learn about  'hot spots' or places rich in biological diversity.

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