Monday, September 3, 2012

The Rainy Season Treat For All Species!

With the rainy season on in this part of India, it has been a relief from the scorching heat, but comes with it the humidity and sultry weather. The moment it rains and immediately following one can see a variety of life forms out in open, some due to the good reasons for it is time for them to feed on their prey available in plenty, for breeding season call bell to tie nuptial knots, or for bad reasons that their hideouts are flooded with water. 
 Indian bullfrog (Rana tigrina). © Photo by Dr. Zaka Imam 
Indian bullfrog (Rana tigrina). © Photo by Dr. Zaka Imam 

Whatever the reason, for someone who wants to see life forms croaking, tweeting, buzzing, humming, etc and registering their presence that they are there, but come out only in such pleasant weather, is great satisfaction. I was particularly pleased to see the Indian bull frog (Rana tigrina ) in large numbers croaking in small water bodies filled with rain water.  

Toads mating. © Photos by Dr.Zaka Imam

Toads mating. © Photos by Dr.Zaka Imam

Toads mating. © Photos by Dr.Zaka Imam

What surprised me was the aggressive mating of toads: the yellow coloured male comparatively smaller in size was aggressively in hold of a larger size female, and this went on for quite sometime,  presumably, as I left them alone after taking a few photographs. I was more than delighted after having taken shots of crows, some birds looking for insects, and frogs and toads.  

Bird holding insect in beak. © Photo by Dr.Zaka Imam
Bird searching for insects. © Photo by Dr.Zaka Imam

 Bird searching for insects. © Photo by Dr.Zaka Imam

Crows lineup to feast on termites and mollusks. © Photo by Dr.Zaka Imam

However, I have not been able to identify most of the species shot, for I do not want to guess and report inaccurate species names. If someone helps me in this task I will be obliged and delighted to receive the help. Though, I am happy the life is kicking and there are more species around, though they are visible rarely. Their photographs though will remind us of their presence around.


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