Sunday, May 22, 2011

22 May 2011: People not to forget forests now

International Day of Biodiversity

22 May is a special day for those connected to the cause of biodiversity professionally and emotionally. I am at loss to understand the apathy of people around, in power, in business houses, and in industry towards environment and  the biodiversity. Though both environment and biodiversity influence all of us, the  most directly affected are those who are working in inappropriate environmental conditions, or directly derive their living from biodiversity. Those that are away from nature and visit forests and resorts only for recreation are more apathic of whatever happens to nature, biodiversity, and the environment. It is nice to see the beautiful logo of the World Biodiversity Day (22 May, 2011) on theme of  "Forests for People", in this International Year of Forests 2011 with human at centrestage as responsible for its preservation.

The place I live near is a large forest called Kukrail forest in Lucknow, UP, India. It has a crocodile conservation facility though now not much active; it played a crucial role in crocodile conservation earlier. Peolple throng here in forest in morning for its open space and fresh air. Recently I found the forest ground was turned black here and there due to burning of leaves, and with this the lower portion of the trunk of large trees were also turned black. I believe it could be deliberate effort of poachers to turn the live trees dead and dry to later cut the dead trees. Let us save Kukrail forest in Lucknow. I request concerned individuals to understand the value of this beautiful forest cover in the city of Lucknow which has seen cutting of beautiful large shady temrind trees cut on Faizabad road and ficus trees on Kursi Road for giving way to development of roads. Though roads are necessary, trees are more necessary as they give much more than shade, fruits, oxygen, improved climate, preserve soil and air microflora, and above all are home to host of insects, all sorts of worms, birds. Trees are necessary for all of us to live in sustenance. No tree should be cut unless two trees of same type are implanted in the radius of 100-200 meters.

I wish everyone to fight for forests, for we need forests the most now, than ever before.

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