Thursday, June 9, 2011

Fools for Forest Fight to Save Forests

I received a mail from one Greenpeace volunteer under the title ‘Fool for Forest’. After reading the mail I signed the pledge, and in turn, according to the message received, I had turned into a ‘Fool for Forest’ for keeping the forest safe. The world forest takes me to a new level of respiration (oxygen), great fascination of the diverse life forms, in mutual interdependence (live and evolve so you can survive even better!), through the balance that we call ecosystem. The prestine beauty of forests, the trees are in standing ovation to the magnificence of the mother nature (Almighty God!), with leaves flapping (clapping) the Acts of God. Animals of different sizes, forms and shapes, burping, chirping, orchestrating music in the buzz of silent forests.  
I believe that forests are symbolic of a mother which shelters so many and nurtures them all. Forests are nurseries that taught through millennia the life forms, as they evolved, providng an environment for their protection and evolution of their abilities to compete. After initial start of life in ocean, as forests grew on land it provided an incubator for life to evolve further. The focus was here more on another front: freedom for size, shape, gadgets, as they evolved. We owe so much to forests, our hunter gatherer ancestors learnt the abcd of life her, but we seldom realised their importance in practice, for otherwise forests cover would have not reduced so much. We do debate and recognise their importance sitting in conference halls sharing policy interventions, Acts, research findings, data, etc, but become the most zealous to cut any vegetation (tree) to build an extra room and create space in our residence, business or development!
When it comes to development, that means mining, energy generation, roads, buildings, malls, or any development for man’s benefits and economic growth, time is that any action should first of all look at alternatives to cutting and destroying forests. The recent WWF report says renewable energy can meet all our demands. Then why this haste.  Any way forests grow in hundreds of years. They are irreplaceable. And those who eye them for their own short term gains are not amongst those concerned with the future?

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