Tuesday, January 24, 2012

India observes Animal Welfare fortnight

As a part of Animal Welfare fortnight celebration every year from January 14 to January 30, programmes are organized to spread awareness among the people to treat all animal life with respect kindness and compassion.

It is not difficult to find snake charmers displaying caged cobra snakes, vipers, and python, bears or monkeys displaying acts. Even protected birds are freely available for sales kept in very small cages.

Treating wild or domesticated animals properly, and even laboratory animals under appropriate conditions, is governed by law. Animal Welfare Organizations (AWOs) organize programmes by creating awareness by distributing literature promoting kindness and compassion to animals.

Delivering talks to the schools children is special focus of the programme, besides providing help to the injured ownerless animals, visiting slaughter houses to create awareness for humane slaughter and visiting animal shelters.

It is the obligation of human beings not to abuse and exploit animals for their greed. Animal lovers and representatives of the NGOs working in area of animal welfare, government officials connected to animal welfare, federal states Animal Welfare Boards, Society forPrevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCAs) actively participate in these programmes.

By creating awareness the programmes AWBI also sensitize enforcement authorities and all concerned stake holders to protect animals from abuse. The AWOs carry out awareness programmes in schools to impart humane education to the children (Source: PIB.23.01.12).

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