Saturday, June 9, 2012

Network & Collaborate: Research Projects / Activities In Biodiversity Conservation

I invite experts, researchers, students, and the public to network and organize, through this Blog, several types of activities for conservation of Biodiversity, and at the end contribute small write-ups on the outcome, findings, and experiences:
  • Trekking mountains and forests
  • Eco-travelling
  • Conferences & Workshops/Art competitions/Essay writing on a Subject of Importance?
  • Identify a Sample of Plant or Animal
  • Share joint projects
  • Develop promotional Literature/Film on important topics of Biodiversity conservation, or on a 'Hot-spot'
  • Plan and promote suitable merchandise to support the objective of an NGO involved in promoting conservation of Biodiversity/Nature

Identify the insect and mail your answer, latest by 30th June, 2012, to the Blogger, and win a prize of appreciation (Books) worth Rupees Five Hundred only 

Suggestions for networking, projects, and other activities may be sent to the Bloggger: Dr Zaka Imam, on his E-.Mail account: .

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