Wednesday, September 19, 2012

I am Water

When gentle water forms froth under high pressure and speed!

Each drop of me
In rivers, oceans and seas

In birds, flowers, and in bees!

I am life to livings

In livings, I live

I am water, I am life

Life is me!


I sail in clouds

Winds show me the way

Lightening and thunder

Tell the world, I’m on the way!

When I arrive

Drops of me, fall on ground

Shower the trees, beasts and ground

Quench thirst of parched lands

Fill every land lying in low

I am water, I am life

Life is me!


On the wings of air

I wander in the star-studded sky

 Settle on leaves, under rocks on a cool night

As drops, in dew, sparkle like gems

 In nectar, I am, breakfast for butterflies

Winged queens suck nectar, flowers are blessed

In seeds, I live in, wake them from slumber!
Ensure next summer comes bloom again

I am water

I am life

Life is me!


© By Zaka Imam 

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