Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sign the Pledge to Protect Nature

Reproduced below is the mail from none other than Dr. Peter Seligman, Chairman & CEO of Conservation International, USA. It is about signing of the 'pledge to protect the planet that provides'.

Conservation of nature is not only an issue, instead it is the absolute necessity. In this perspective, then, what Seligman and his colleagues do and say, and  similar other experts working in the area of conservation say, all their views are important, in fact, most important !!! Because they are talking about the only place ,the Earth, we have to live.

We ought to have been protecting the Earth with seriousness, and very fast. Alas! we are not, and the nature suffers greatly at our hands, and we need to check it. The masses have to rise to the need of  conserving nature!

That is why the letter of Dr. Seligman is important to everyone of us!

And I reproduce it for every word of it is important. Conservation International is one of the few global organisations known for its multiple approach to conservation involving scientific research, explorations through expeditions, cultural interactions, etc.

I request everyone else who reads this post to read Dr Seligman's letter  below and sign the pledge on the link below:

Dear Zaka,

It doesn't matter where you come from, what you do for a living, or
what you love most in life - you need nature.

I know you already understand this. That's why you are engaged with
Conservation International. Our challenge is to convince others of
this simple, vital truth - and I am writing today to ask you, if
you are willing, to join me in doing so. We need your help and your

Our planet provides us with everything. But poll after poll shows that
people do not understand that protecting nature isn't "just another
issue" - it's the defining challenge of our time. And if we fail
to rise to the challenge . . . well, we're pretty much cooked. Can you
help us turn the tide? I am convinced WE NEED to launch a movement.

It's simple: Go to and sign the pledge to
protect the planet that provides.  Then ask your friends, family and
neighbors to join you.  Let's get the ball rolling.

If we do nothing - if we fail to make nature a central issue in
our development decisions - our families and our descendants
will not inherit the beautiful and vibrant earth that has sustained
all of us. The numbers are stark: Each year, we are adding 80 million
people. We will reach 9 billion in 40 years. We will need twice the
clean water, twice the food. And our planet is already stressed with
challenged fisheries. Depleted water supplies. Disappearing species
and changing weather patterns.

If we do not come together, we will mow down the forests that serve as
our water factories. We will destroy the wetlands and mangroves that
shelter us from storms. The fisheries that feed billions will dwindle.
The sense of peace and place that we get from our natural world will
slowly slip away.

This is why today, more than at any time in the past, we need a
movement, a commitment, to work hand in hand with people everywhere to
value and to protect what nature provides.

I signed the pledge. Please join me. Together, we can shift the tide.

Thank you so much for your support.


Peter Seligmann
Chairman and CEO

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