Friday, January 25, 2013

Frog & Toad Species?

The winter is already there, and this year it is unusually cold, may be the fault is in my feeling it much more that it really is! Anyway what I am reporting is from the weather gone by, that is the rainy season. It was a pleasant time for  taking photos of birds, insects, trees etc for the sky after rains was clear from dust; trees were washed after heavy rain: they appeared in their green in abundance.

Winter is more challenging for life-forms to survive; almost every creature is affected by winter, more or less. Birds of warmer climate are under threat of cold and cold-blooded animals go in hiding. For example, the ubiquitous wall lizard appears  in homes as temperatures rise and and go in hiding (hibernation) as temperatures go down.

This rainy season just gone by, I had taken shots of two amphibians I wanted to find out their species. And I have not been able to ascertain their species. A large frog/toad of the size of an orange with a rough skin will appear at my gate with definite regularity every night. The lights at the gate attracted insects which served as its food. I was fascinated with the roughness of its skin, the large mouth, and the compose with which it sat on my entrance. This orange-size amphibian is definitely a toad.This reminded me of story how scientists from Conservation International had to travel to Suriname and discovered some new frog species. Look at the picture of this toad, and if someone can identify its species:

  A toad (species not known) with a very rough skin. ©Photograph by: Zaka Imam

Another small creature climbing on the tile of bathroom in the evening! I thought it was some worm. I reach for my glasses and to my dismay I find it is a very tiny frog climbing on the tile of bathroom, it was about one foot above from the ground. Its size was lesser than a housefly, Musca domestica, I take its photographs. I wonder if it is a tadpole just metamorphosed to tiny little frog or some new species of frog than can climb on tiles. The earlier reported world's tiniest frog is Paedophryne amaurensis of the size of housefly. Can anyone help identify this tiny frog that can climb on bathroom tiles. I reproduce the two photographs that I had taken in May 2012.

Tiny frog about a foot above from ground walking on  bathroom's tile ( Left); closer view of frog walking on bathroom tile (Right).© Photographs by: Zaka Imam 

I will look for details of these frogs when I find them again next rainy season!

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