Saturday, June 14, 2014

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There has been an unusual delay in updating this blog. The latest post was in the last November. Of course not a very healthy sign for a blog to keep going in its objective.  A lot of changes have since taken place all around us. 

During this intervening period my engagement with several writing assignments, one after the other, kept me busy burning midnight oil. In the next few posts, I will share the knowledge I acquired doing those assignments which were undoubtedly not unrelated to our concern for environment and conservation.

Of late I have also realized that this blog needs to be freed from the tight jacket of hardcore contents related to Biodiversity in its posts. After all Biodiversity is a subject that concerns citizens more than the experts because the later are mere custodian of knowledge who research, learn and practice through application of conservation programs.

Awareness about Biodiversity conservation is now a subject matter that concerns more the public, because a strong public understanding of its importance alone can take the conservation efforts forward.

The fascinating view of the diversity of life in surroundings is very pleasing and linked to our natural urge that must be fulfilled even if it is a sparrow or a butterfly flying across the window pane. The more the better!

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