Saturday, September 13, 2014

All that Grows In Wild Is Beautiful

Invariably advocacy programs for conservation of biodiversity focus on conservation of animals which have some sort of a celebrity status like tiger, crocodile and turtles. Some themes like ‘marine biodiversity’ are also used to impress upon the value of biodiversity.  

To me this is underplaying the importance of the very broad meaning and importance of the term biodiversity in a holistic context.

To me we should talk aggressively about the importance of every creature on the earth, be it a pest or parasite, economically important or not, small or big, bat or bed bug, bird or bee, crow or owl, bamboo or rose, snake or frog, elephant or mouse.

A wild grass in full bloom

The term biodiversity is more suited to the setting of  a wild environment: all that exists in a wild setting  with no or the least human invasion.  Everything there grows  naturally, sustains in a competitive natural environment and evolves. 

The term biodiversity must give us the feel of the real extent of diversity existing in the nature, the purpose, its scale or grandness, the value, ecological, environmental and biological and  our responsibility to stop the damage to it.

The other day I saw a variety of grass in full bloom growing in the vacant plot of a residential area. This area was until few years back a field with all its variety of flora and fauna.

Now the original flora of this area in under an assault. Very soon, when the house come up on this plot, and other plots, in the vicinity this flora typical to the place will vanish and we will have beautiful houses replacing those wild plants!

And powerful masters will be sitting in their lawns flaunting some prized species of ornamental plants.

This world is some how turning into a world of celebrities, celebrity men and animals as if there is no importance, place or role for others.

In fact, what grows in the natural world is far more superior biologically than those of ornamental value.

What grows in the wild is hardy, it has power to survive in the adverse climates, and thrive like this wild grass in full bloom. Their natural strength is manifested in their beauty and power to survive!

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