Friday, June 5, 2015

Ways To Understand the Importance Of Biodiversity

The best thing to understand the importance of biodiversity is to visit a forest or a zoo and also a marketplace. Most things natural which are available in the market are derived from the biodiversity resources from the nature.

You can also understand the importance of biodiversity by visiting a vegetable, fish, fruits or a grain market.

Fruits of black mulberry (Morus  nigra).

You find so many types of vegetables in a vegetable market: of different types, colors and value. Some are leaves, others are fruits, stems, roots, seeds that we eat. Those are indispensable foods for us.

Same is true with a fruit market, fruits of all possible texture and value. Some are juicy and delicious. Others are sour but very colorful and attractive to look at. Now we have fruits imported from all over the worls selling in large stores. Though expensive it is the best bet to try them at least once.

Visiting a fish market can be a very excition experience to a biodiversity lover. Live fishes are a treat to eyes.Their sizes, shapes, colors and sources are worth experiencing.

Imagine how life would have been if there were not so many of those around us. Or, if any one of them becomes absent and non-available we will severely miss them!

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