Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Invite Links to Protect and Conserve Biological Diversity

Since I started blogging as a means for advocating conservation of biological diversity, it has been a very interesting and informative experience. Knowing about the work of so many organizations and individuals making very serious efforts to conserve the planet's biological diversity is really exciting. The diversity on this front is no less striking!

But, I find to my dismay, that even if organizations may follow you on Twitter, may visit your blog, and  the Google Analytics give statistics on the traffic quality, they seldom comment on posts. You remain wondering if your posts are of any value to readers! So I invite my readers to comment on this blog's concepts, structure, posts' contents etc. What I need is a critical opinion?

Secondly, are there people or organizations that may like to establish links with this blog for advocacy, science, or business promotion. In any case, the larger objective of conservation of biological diversity has to be served  effectively. There are several ways we can get linked for sharing our information, and promote scientific and business interests.

We have following networking possibilities:

  •  Have free links to your site here on this blog, alongwith a brief on your organization's or group's activity.

  • Announce for free about significant programs, projects, vacancies on this blog.

  • Share your news related to conservation of biological diversity on this blog.

  • Have a brief profile and selected photos of your organization, outcome of  research/ expedition/exploration published on this blog under your individual name.

After all our role here is larger! Information on our efforts must reach to as many people as possible. For, the diversity of life on planet has to be protected at all costs!.

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