Saturday, May 12, 2012

Draw A Creature Of Your Imagination and Win A Prize

Do you love drawing and painting?

(Copyright: Conservation International)

If yes, you must have noticed life forms of different shapes, sizes with different physical features.

What is the extent of your imagination ? Can you imagine an invertebrate or a vertebrate animal of unique features that you believe does not exist today.

While you identify a creature of your imagination, first identify its class and remember it should not violate basic features of that class, for example, an insect must have three pairs of legs, a mammal must have hair.

Draw, paint and submit the picture, and we will publish it on this blog, and request our readers to identify if it resembles any currently known animal of the particular class.

The partcipant will retain the copyright of the Artwork and shall be free to use it.

Only original work is to be submitted alongwith personal details: Name, Address, Contact Phone/Mobile, Certificate: "the art work submitted is original", and signed.

A rupee two thousand five hundred (US $ 50) worth of Books on wildlife/animals/plants will be given by the blogger, as a token of appreciation for the effort, to the best of artworks, selected by readers.

Entry Deadline: 31 August, 2012.

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