Sunday, May 13, 2012

Pardon us our Mother!

"A barren tree, no leaves, no flowers, it blooms

When birds of different hues flock it early morning!

The Sun, the source, smiles, on the beauty that the tree is

For it differentiates little between feathers, leaves, flowers!

Oh nature, you lose none, transform one to another

Only the eyes, that see with deception!

Separating stem from roots, feather from plume, hurts

The mother, the nature stays true as ever!

Oh, birds you fly, hovers the little dragon fly

All are one, risen from the womb of the ocean!

Oh my mother, the mother nature, pardon us all

For the great sin of our greed, and repeated assault!"

On Mother's Day, a tribute to the mother Earth . The thoughts of the poem are explained below:

There is a barren tree out there in the garden and it has no leaves or flowers. Though deprived of its parts it is blooming, because every morning birds of different colours frequent it. And these birds are in transformation of flowers, that is why the barren tree is blooming. The Sun, source of all energy on the planet Earth knows the truth and that is why it is smiling. For in nature any transformation (not talking of man-made ones) is meaningless, but natural. Even a barren tree is beautiful. As long as birds flock in they are those flowers.

In nature you lose nothing. It is due to the deception that we see the difference. But basic changes (Man made) hurt nature when you separate the integral parts, the stem and root, feather from plume. The mother nature is the only truth  for it does not tell lies by differentiating  what is one. A bird or a dragon fly, both fly and are one and the same, they are derived from the same source, the life evolved from the oceans. But man's sins against the Earth (the Mother) due to its continued greed, only leave one option, that to ask for the pardon.

By Zaka Imam

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